Do you think you are intuitive?

Have you experienced a feeling or knowing about what will happen in an immediate or future event?

Do you tend to dismiss these insights because they don’t seem real?

You’re not alone.
Many people are now recognizing that these intuitive experiences are real, and not a figment of their imagination.

A common reason that people don’t rely on their intuitive insights is that they think that the feeling is not part of their normal mental thought process. From a young age, we are taught to learn by think logically rather than utilising our sensory nature to tune into the world around us and allow us to access intuitive guidance.

Another reason is that it is just a “gut-feeling” and nothing to be trusted.
Current scientific research into intuition has shown that the heart plays a vital role in the receiving and interpreting of intuitive information. The heart works with the sensory system to convey intuitive intelligence to the brain for integration with the logical mind in the decision-making process.

The heart and sensory system work together like a radio receiver. The intuitive feeling that you sense is your sensory system acting like an antenna, receiving radio waves (intuitive information energy). The heart acts like an amplifier and intelligently transforms the radio waves (intuitive information) into something that the brain can understand; conscious thought.

Now you have more of an idea of the “behind the scenes” of how you receive intuition. The intuitive sense is not a random sense but rather a natural intelligent interaction of our sensory system with the energetic world around us.

So next time you get that intuitive feeling, you will know that it is a natural intuitive ability to guide you.