Modern women are intelligent, up to date with the latest technical trends and financial markets. They know how to balance work with family and they have mastered the art of promoting business through what some males refer to as, ‘women’s gossip’ or social media. They follow the financial trends and consumer buying habits and wait for a gap in the market to launch a new product or service.

With all of this know-how, many still question their initial thoughts or give away their personal power by listening to the doom and gloom news. In the end, all of this leads to second guessing the missed opportunities.

For thousands of years, women have held families together, healed the sick, managed the budgets, made three meals a day and often with very little ingredients. Women are no doubt creative, intelligent and every bit alluring when it comes to being in power.

So was there ever any doubt that one day they would want to run a successful business? Is there something that has been forgotten? Is there a key element that lays buried deep inside each and every woman, waiting to be fully utilised?

Think back to when you first decided to create a business. What was the first thought? Did you just wake up one morning and think, “I know, today I will establish a business”. How did the idea become a reality or are you still wanting the reality.

Many of you have probably thought of a fantastic, unique idea only to let it go because you second guessed yourself? Months or years later the idea you had is now in the market and you are kicking yourself because the idea that now belongs to someone else, was yours.

Why does this happen? Our ego can get in the way of a great idea. The mental left brain logic and self-doubt kick in while the right brain creativity waits for action. After a while, collective consciousness plays a part and someone else picks up on the thought. Yes, that’s right, your thoughts are in the ether for others to grab. A little like when you ‘know’ the phone is going to ring or the person you have thought about contacts you. Energy has weight and power.

Accessing intuition is as easy as thinking of a great idea. Maintaining intuition is a little harder because the ego needs to come second.

The ego is about letting go of control to allow the gut feelings and inner senses to rise through our consciousness. The more the ego learns to come second the clearer the mind becomes. Our thoughts begin to change as the little negative voice takes a back seat. You begin to feel lighter, creative and even happy.

You will start to manifest a successful business that is financially and personally stable and all by allowing the deep sensations that lie within to surface, your intuition. It will present itself through thoughts, feelings, knowing and visions such as imagination. Intuition also has answers and guidance to solutions on how to achieve our goals.