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What Your Heart Has To Say

Life constantly requires us to make decisions. When you need to make an important decision that you feel uncertain and confused about, consider what your heart has to say to you.

If for example something/someone is no longer in your heart, why keep holding on to that which truly no longer fulfills you? There is growth through change and one of the most difficult decisions in life is to adapt to that change rather than resist it.

Trust what your heart tells you, not the fearful thoughts/memories that are stirred up by the dilemma itself. The soft, guiding voice of the heart’s wisdom can be drowned out by rational thought & any associated memories to the experience. To be able to hear heart guidance, imagine your mind has a power button and turn that button off, just for a minute. Disconnect from the decision-making process as if you were just reading a book and have just marked the page and put that book down to do something else. Allow the heart to speak. With practice, you will improve your connection to your heart and be able to make better informed decisions in life.

I hope this helps you. Please share this post as you may just help someone who is in a moment of total confusion.