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Can You Relate To:

Being overly sensitive to other people's energy and emotions?

Receiving signs from the universe e.g. 11:11 or songs?

Feeling a desire to discover a more spiritual way of life?

Wanting to give more to your clients in one-on-one consultations?

Introducing a "MUST READ" Book, Written Just For You

Learn the secrets to managing and develop your intuitive abilities

Find the answers and understanding of your spiritual pathway

Help guide people in your life in a deep and profound way


The #1 Guide to Developing Your Intuition,
Giving You Power, Clarity and Confidence

Through the human sensory system, we obtain information that is filtered and translated into feeling, emotion, thought and expression. The ability to relate to others, feel our environment, experience sensory stimulation is what makes us Sentient Beings.

The Sentient Pathway explores the journey of sensory living as the gateway to intuition. From the very beginning, assistance with self-trust and taking back your personal power is explored before creating the change that is needed to shift limitations and embark on a connection that is all inspiring. Go beyond fear and apprehension and open up to a world of infinite source of intelligence and possibilities.

Here's What You Will Learn:

  • How Intuition guides you to your highest purpose
  • The power of knowing what is right for you
  • The secrets to manifesting your dream life
  • Techniques to access your higher truth
  • How to avoid painful and costly mistakes
  • Simple steps to live a life of heightened intuitionĀ 

Amazing Benefits to Change Your Life

Learn how Intuition goes beyond the ego and intellect, only ever showing you the pathway to your highest purpose

Imagine having the powerful ability to know what is right for you, removing self-doubt and fear about upcoming events and situations

Understand the secrets of how to manifest your dreams, being an active participant in the creation of your future

Gain the amazing ability to access your higher truth, giving you an overall picture of any situation, including what is the best decision, and why

How Intuitive information will help guide you on the most direct path of growth, avoiding unnecessary pain and costly mistakes

Use simple processes and techniques on a daily basis to stay in the flow of heightened intuitive guidance, living a wholesome life of happiness and contentment

Its Time to Start Listening to What Your Intuition
Has Been Trying to Tell You


The #1 Guide to Developing Your Intuition, Giving You Power, Clarity and Confidence

Bonus Content!

The Sentient Pathway is not only a book packed with knowledge about intuitive development, it is also a practical how-to guide to assist with incorporating intuition in everyday life.

As BONUS content, the book includes FREE audio downloads, containing powerful meditation and healing audio mp3 tracks designed to complement the exercises in the book.

Only $30

Including FREE Postage!

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Interested in Intuition Development?

How about becoming a part of ground-breaking group consciousness experiments?

Do You:


  • Have a keen interest in exploring beyond the boundaries of your consciousness?
  • Want to experience and develop telepathy and higher sensory communication abilities?
  • Have a desire to witness the powerful connection between us that is group consciousness?


Would You Like To:


  • Become a founding member of a ground-breaking research group into group consciousness?
  • Meet and work with other like-minded spiritual individuals?
  • Develop powerful consciousness shifting techniques to use personally?



Group Consciousness and
Higher Sensory Communication Research Group


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