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sentient being

Definition of Sentient Being

sen·tient | \ ˈsen(t)-sh(ē-)ənt , ˈsen-tē-ənt \

1 : An individual who absorbs sensory stimulus from the environment and personal interaction

2 : To live by sensory perception. To go with the flow of life; eliminating opposition or force


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The Sentient Experiment™

We invite you to join an increasing global community of individuals who are choosing to explore empathy, intuition, telepathy, intent and self-empowerment through Higher Sensory Communication.
By registering, you will receive access to online training, as well as invitations to participate in training in an area close to you.
When working with the experiments we are developing an energetic link that is not bound by physicality.

The aim of the experiments will bring greater awareness to individuals about what they perceive in daily life and demonstrate that each of us are infinitely connected. Through consciousness we can mindfully work together without the limitation of physicality or time.

The Driving Force Behind The Sentient Experiment™

In 2006, Kim began teaching a weekly psychic development group. Many of the participants took part in the course to develop their understanding of what it is to be in tune with their inner voice of intuition and how to interpret insights and feelings which did not make logical sense.
Over a period of three years the same participants developed skills that would alter the way in which they responded to daily life. This included an understanding of how external influences affect our physical and mental wellbeing.
The group practiced telepathic messages and group consciousness. The results left participants stunned with the outcomes. Many realizing that such experiences are often witnessed daily, and this explained why they felt certain ways when in environments that contained groups or around individuals.
The next phase of the group experiments was to introduce techniques that could alter the effects of incoming information and how we emit our own signals outward. The results provided the group with a new awareness of how we work as sentient beings.
Each participant reported that the time spent developing their awareness and being privy to a controlled group class changed how they interacted with the world.

Some of the results expressed by participants:

  • No longer feeling unexplained fatigue or energy draining
  • Increased mental alertness
  • Increase with problem solving
  • Higher level of self-trust
  • Acceptance of their intuitive ability

The results did not surprise anyone who works with the field of energy awareness. Psychics, healers, energy workers, alternative practitioners have based much or all of their work on the foundation of life.

Participant’s Experiences

Empath Training Workshop

What has been the #1 benefit to you?
Learning how to manage myself when impacted by others’ energy.

What have you learned about yourself?
That i’m not overly sensitive. That my feelings and gut have merit!


What has been the #1 benefit to you?
Learning…. not ‘feeling’ my heart responses and being more aware of my senses, especially feeling and hearing. This has been ongoing at this stage.

What have you learned about yourself?
I have learned that my intuitive sense is more functional and in touch with the reality of daily living more than l knew. I am less reliant on my cognitive process and more leaning towards my heart when l am considering my actions, reactions, reflections and responses.


Intuition Training Workshop

What did you learn from your experiences today?
Listened and acted on first intuition and recognised it as guidance.

This learning is important to me because…
First steps in working out how to be more intuitive.

What key learning can you take away from today?
Even though the day is busy and hectic, you can still tap into your intuition.

What will you do differently tomorrow?
Keep my mind and heart open.


What key learning can you take away from today?
Following my guidance helps keep me balanced.
The more I tap into my intuition the more I can access a truer sense of the world around me

What will you do differently tomorrow?
Continue to seek balance, and trust myself in following my intuition.
Try not to stress when I can’t logic what I’m intuitively sensing.


What key learning can you take away from today?
I start to think that it is possible that intuitive-based decision-making can gradually become a habit of mine.

What will you do differently tomorrow?
Tune in to my heart/intuition for bigger decisions.



On behalf of Sarah, Amy and myself, thank you so much for your presentation today. The knowledge that you imparted was done so with a gracious regard for us all and with such a sense of humility and empathy. We felt secure in your presence and a deep sense of trust.
The three of us were excited driving down yesterday, full of anticipation of the unknown. Today we immediately felt at home and very compatible with the information imparted. This connection was the same for the three of us. We will now be heart-orientated and the journey has begun for us.
Being sentient as you are…….you probably know this already.
Thank you again, Rosie.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this. I have learnt so much about myself. Keep up the great work! Thank you.

Kim & Ben, firstly thank you! You delivered the content in Sunday’s workshop in an easy-to-understand way, and in a warm and safe environment. The (5-day Intuition) challenge itself was a great follow up to this session and an excellent way to ensure that I/we put to work those skills and focus.

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