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Ben & Kim Sowter

What is it that sparks an interest into the world of mediums, psychics, and the paranormal? Is it pure curiosity or is something deeper?

In 2015 the need for such interest is going beyond curiosity. People are discovering that they can have a life changing experience by asking the right questions and following the guidance of a good healer or seer. Slowly the need for self-empowerment and aligning to life purpose is outweighing the desire for pure fortune telling. Why not take it a step further and develop the innate ability to connect to the unseen worlds for yourself.

I hear you say that you don’t think you have ability or it is not strong enough or maybe you just don’t know how. I recently facilitated a workshop on Spirit Communication with participants who all had one or more of these beliefs. This is why I thought I might share with you what I shared with them. Everyone has an ability to connect to the unseen world and receive direct and accurate guidance. What stops us from doing this? Social beliefs, Family conditioning, self-esteem issues etc. In a nutshell what stops us from accessing and trusting this thing we call psychic ability is thinking too much like a limited human.

Take a moment right now to listen to your body. Is it tight, restricted? Can you breathe from the diaphragm or are you a chest breather? Your body is a fantastic barometer for letting you know that something is not resonating with you. A great example is when you walk into a room full of people. How do you feel? What changes? When returning home do you think about the day, even a particular person or situation? People are sensitive beings who absorb and process information 24/7, even during sleep. Dreams are a release of the subconscious, out fears, desires and messages from the other world often occurs during sleep. We never stop processing information.

The more we begin to analyze information from our surroundings the more we begin to form thoughts and experiences. After a while what we don’t realize is that we have actually connected to the conscious mind of everyone around us. Have you ever called a friend who announced they were just thinking of you? Maybe it has been a reversed situation, either way both of you were sending and receiving telepathic link. This is beyond the physical material plane and connecting to the conscious collective mind.

Telepathy is how spirit people and guides will often communicate. It is a little like trying to listen to a particular radio frequency when static interference hinders s the clarity. To purify the connection we need to clean our energy system and the link of communication. There are many methods to do this is the easiest is taking note of the mental chatter and emotional responses. Allow them to be swept out of the mental door. Try counting backwards from 200, stopping when you begin to feel relaxed and then continue again. This will assist your mind to unwind and the conscious mind to drop to a deeper level. Sit quietly in the silence, learning to be at peace with stillness. Stillness allows our body and mind to feel any energy frequencies that move forward to connect with our inner senses. Often guides will step forward to work with our energetic frequencies, possible passing on messages through imagery, feeling, hearing, taste or even smell. Allow yourself to become used to this presence and if there is any uncertainty with the presence visualise the light of the Divine realms to wash over you.

This is only one practice that can be undertaken for connecting to the unseen world. Developing our senses is essential to enhance our inner wisdom and divine insight.

The Human Energy Field or Aura surrounds and intertwines our physical and mental body. Any illness, thought or experience is first highlighted in the energy field before it physically manifests. Learning to be in tune with the energy field is a magnificent way of managing health and vitality.

Understanding the energy field can take a little while as it is comprised of many layers all with their own frequency and purpose. Essentially the energy field is constantly pulsating and shifting through subtle or not so subtle changes. The Aura photos which are popular are a snapshot of the emotional level which may change at any time.

The benefit of understanding energy is that we can then learn to manage and shift the frequencies. This allows for clearer thinking, less accidents and health issues, a greater connection to the higher frequencies of spirit and an understanding of us.

How does all of this knowledge help? It demonstrates that YOU are a natural psychic and medium. All of us have an energy field, communicate through telepathy and create patterns in life that keep us from being happy or bring in abundance and joy. Developing this knowledge will access the keys to self-healing, self-guidance and an understanding of the bigger picture. Essentially why your life is the way it is and how you can change it.

Learning to bridge the awareness of the energetic, spiritual realm and our human existence will allow for the two worlds to be succinct eliminating the need to seek mystics or healers. Essentially, we have the ability we just need to learn how to use it.