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Questions I have But Didn’t Know Who To Ask

understanding-the-birth-and-death-of-a-childI feel very privileged to be able to connect with people, both living and deceased or as some like to say ‘transitioned to another plane’. Every now and then I am met by a parent who is grieving over the death of a child, or a mother who was not able to give life because her baby never had the chance to be born. This is when I realize just how important it is for people like myself to share our experiences and knowledge of spirit and death. So let me answer some of the most asked questions about souls of children and babies in the hope that you may find peace, understanding and knowledge that in the darkest moment of pain that you are never left alone.

When Does the Soul Come into the body?

The soul of a baby is connected to ‘the seed’ from the moment of conception. Throughout the pregnancy it goes back to the fetus and body of the baby until fully connecting at the moment of birth.

I have met a few people who have gone into deep hypnosis and been able to re live their time in the womb. Being able to feel what mum felt emotionally at the time is also a way to understand the emotional imprinting that happens between mum and baby.

How Can a Clairvoyant/Medium See My Child Before Birth?

The soul of a child may be linked to its parents and even family members years before it is actually born. This is how clairvoyants are able to see or feel the presence of the child. This may seem confusing but the soul may also be seen by other members of the family for instance, a niece/ nephew may connect to the aunty/uncle as well as the parent. This occurs quiet frequently and I have had personal experience of this too. The reason is that the child may be soulmates with more than just mum and dad.

Perhaps you are someone who has felt a deep connection to one particular baby in the family. This connection continues throughout this child’s life as a perfect soul mate connection.

Is My Family Member a Guardian to my Child?

I do see this a lot. Each of us will have a family member that has connected with us before we are born and will remain connected to us after we die. They are not Angels from the angelic realm, this is different and relates to the Divine God Head intelligence.

Your relative is part of your soul mate group and wants to remain connected to you throughout life. A beautiful example of this was recently I gave a pregnancy reading to one of my clients.

Often my readings will consist of me just talking non- stop, this is a form of direct channeling with spirit. It was during this part of the reading that I stated that his grandfather will always be with him. (The unborn baby is a boy) weeks later my client contacted me because this was part of the reading that did not make sense, at the time both grandfathers were still alive. However a few weeks after the reading her father in law suddenly passed away. It is him that is strongly connected to the son that she will have and this is what was channeled during the spirit connection.

I Had To Terminate My Pregnancy, Is the Baby Alright?

Yes. Is the answer I have for all mums who have miscarried or terminated a pregnancy? The soul of a child is pure divine intelligent energy and even though it was never born does not mean that it will never be born to either you or someone else in the soul mate group.

Spirit never judge the reasons for a termination nor condemn anyone. This is held as a belief that exists in our world. Let go of the guilt and grief.

My Baby Died After Birth, Is She / He Still With Me?

This is a hard question because working with spirit is not black and white. Yes the soul of the baby can remain with you just as the soul of any loved one can. There are also times when the soul is not present and this may be because:

  • It has now been born to someone else
  • It has moved on to the part of spirit that is no longer connected to the earth plane
  • Mum or dad has let go of the grief

Often, I see mums who are wanting to know if their baby is still in spirit with them but I do see that the soul has also chosen to be with the father and sometimes it may seem that the father’s needs out weight the mothers. I find that no matter if it is a baby, child or adult spirit that the living person most in need will be the one that spirit focus on. This does not mean that 100% of the time that they are with someone else, it is just that at that present moment their attention is needed somewhere else.

Having said that, a soul may want to remain attached to the parent for reasons of its own:

  • The soul has a connection to the parent and it does not want to let this go
  • There is a learning between the parent and the soul that is still being undertaken. Yes perhaps the loss of the baby was part of that learning

Life and Death is precious, traumatic and beautiful. However we feel and what we experience is always but a glimpse of that which exists beyond our comprehension and physical life.

I would love to hear from parents who have experienced the joy and heartache. If you are willing to share then maybe someone else can be helped or even feel the comfort of knowing, they are not alone.