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Is Physical or Emotional Pain Wearing You Down?

Have You Given up Trying to Find an Answer?

Don't Give Up.
Better Health and Happiness is Here.

If you're tired of suffering pain, and discomfort from issues relating to such areas of life as:

⇒ Physical or Mental Health
⇒ Emotions
⇒ Communication & Relationships
⇒ Business/Career/Finances
⇒ Life Direction & Purpose

and are affecting your quality of life to the point of stopping you from living a "normal" life and achieving your goals, you've come to the right place.

Sometimes We All Need a Little Help

Introducing a Unique & Powerful Healing Technique

Harmonic Sound Healing

Intuitive Sound Healing with tibetan bowls and vocal toning to balance and heal the physical, mental, emotional, and inner aspects of your being.

The Benefits of Ben's Sound Healing Consultations

The Healing Power of Sound

How often have you felt the sound vibrations of music? When was the last time a certain sound physically affected you? Did you realise that you innately make a sound to heal when you accidentally hurt yourself? Sound has a profound impact upon us, whether we "hear" it or not. Next time you hear an everyday sound, take a moment to listen to it more carefully. Notice how it makes you feel.

Sound healing has been practised by many cultures for thousands of years. Various tools or instruments are used to create the sounds such as bells, chimes, horns, trumpets, drums, tuning forks, and many more instruments. The oldest and probably most versatile tool though is the human voice. Tibetan monks and Mongolians have been chanting sounds for thousands of years. Using sound to heal seems to be a forgotten technique that we are beginning to rediscover.

Ben's Unique Sound Healing Technique

Ben’s unique sound healing technique combines a range of sonic tools such as tibetan singing bowls with vocal toning inspired and channeled by spirit. The resulting sound frequencies are carrier waves of enlightened knowledge that will encode new possibilities into every aspect of your being.

A powerful technique of vibrational sound healing to shift and retune the consciousness and energetic body, promoting healing of the physical body.

How Sound Healing Will Help You

Whenever we experience pain, illness, unhappiness or limitation, we can become stuck in our present state of being, accepting this as our identity and ultimate reality. This may cause us to become blinded to the potential healing and growth that is always available to us.

To break the cycle and make a permanent change, it takes someone who can see and sense beyond the physical world to access an energy and consciousness that will reencode energy to shift the awareness and limitation.

"Everything in our universe is energy in a constant state of vibration, including you"

This powerful core healing session will give you

An Explanation Why

An explanation of the reasons for your life experiences (Why Me)

Reconnect To Your Power

A re-connection to your personal power, removing fears and self-doubt

Design Your Future

A clear map of your past, present and what is possible in your future - your map of life

Clarity & Purpose

An opening up to new opportunities in life by clearing away the "fog" from current perceptions

Understand The Inner YOU

Deep insight into your core being, allowing you to see and utilize aspects within that you were not aware of

Don't Take My Word For It...

Listen To What My Clients Have To Say

Ben’s healing ability is such a gift. I was not prepared for such a deep reason as to why my life had fallen apart. It all made sense to me after hearing it. This gave me confidence to follow through with the healing process using the techniques Ben gave me.

Sarah - Melbourne

Clinical and Spiritual Psychotherapist

Act Now and Get Back the Joy and Happiness to Life


Can I ask questions about my life?
YES, Ben will ask if you want to focus on a particular area of life before the session. Your own intent will work with the healing to penetrate the area of life that you feel is a struggle.
Is this a Reading?
No, not in the sense that he will tell you about tattslotto numbers or a tall dark Knight. Ben will bring through what you need to know and that often relates to the why, when and how of YOUR life. It is insightful and deeply personal.
I have not experienced healing what will I feel?
During the healing, you may feel, relaxed, warm or even cold. This is a deep healing so the experiences can vary depending on how deep Ben needs to go into your core.
What do you mean by Core?
Your core is the deep seeded essence of you. It holds this life's experiences & memories within the subconscious.

Core Healing is not just about making you feel good. It does remove and shift deep seeded programs that have prevented clarity, caused fear and held you back from opportunities.

Some people have explained it as "New awareness of themselves and others" or "I feel like I have been hit by a truck, in a good way"

Our core being is like a muscle that has not been used. Once its shaken awake, we feel a little sore but then that goes and we keep working the muscle to make it stronger.

What can I experience when working with Ben?
Ben's work is non-invasive. The energy of the healing will penetrate the mind, body and soul.

Introducing Ben Sowter, World renowned Author, Psychic Medium and Sound Healer

"All your hopes, fears,
and dreams have
caused you to be
where you are
right in this moment"
- Ben Sowter

Ben has spent the last 15 years developing his Psychic, Higher Intuition, Mediumship, Channelling, Trance and Sound Healing abilities. In doing so he has developed his to sense the world beyond the physical and pioneer a healing technique to heal the core being of you.
Ben has studied under Sound Healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman from the U.S.A. as well as being influenced by other notable people such as Tom Kenyon. People have described the diverse range of sound of Ben's tones as being like Tibetan Buddhist chanting as well as American Indian chanting.

"Truly a life changing experience for those who are ready to change their life"

Hundreds of people have made changes in their lives after working with Ben, moving to new careers, engaging in fulfilling relationships and finally understanding and living their life purpose. HOW? Ben works with a core energy that penetrates the human psyche, releasing deep emotions and experiences that the subconscious has held onto for so long.

"Oh my God, I feel like a ton of weight has been lifted"

People often feel temporary physical effects such as deep emotional release and or physical discomfort during the process. This is because his ability is so strong that it doesn’t just tickle the surface it shifts the core being into action and like a muscle that has not been used for a long time this can feel uncomfortable until we bring it out of retirement.

Through Ben’s extensive experience, he has helped people understand their true life purpose; their true identity.


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