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A Unique Healing Meditation

Sound Frequencies for Healing

sound-frequencies-for-healingI would like to offer you a unique recording that incorporates sound frequencies for healing. After the latest violent world events this week people seem to be experiencing more fear and anxiety than they have previously. The world “seems” to be heading into darker days. This seems a natural assumption, IF you go by what you see around you physically. The truth is that there is a whole world of energy around us that is beyond the physical, yet fully integrated within it.

You may or may not have been affected directly by these worldly events but did you know you certainly have been affected energetically? We are energetic beings and are all connected as one global energetic being, comprised of billions of individuals. Collective consciousness also affects us as this is how our beliefs and attitudes are shared and “inherited” from the global consciousness.

I have been guided to record a sound healing this week specifically to share with you. This recording was created intuitively with the intent of bringing through healing sounds to assist you to clear and heal the energetic body.

I offer you this track with love and blessings. You can use this track (below) to help to remove fear and anxiety you may have about events in the world, any other event in your life (past or present), or to create an inner calm and focus, allowing you to choose a different way of being.

To enjoy the best results I suggest you prepare before listening by creating a space where you will be free from distractions and interruptions for 5 minutes. Listening with headphones will enhance the experience.
Blessings, Ben Sowter