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What Are Repetitive Dreams, Thoughts and Experiences Telling You?

At some point in life the cycle of a repetitive dream, thought or experience can leave individuals questioning; why is this happening to me?

Unravelling the mystery began many years back when I dreamed about being trapped within the confine of my old Primary School. I would see myself walking aimlessly around the netball courts, I could hear the last bell ringing for the day as I watched the students go home. When I began to walk towards the school gate something changed and I found myself back behind the school, far away from the gate. It seemed that I couldn’t leave and as I began to feel anxious I would wake up back in my bed in present day wondering why I had gone through this again.

The school was not the only repetitive dream I began to have others such as, walking through a swamp avoiding crocodiles. This is not an actual living memory but I did equate it with decision making around work, particularly when I felt the corporation or boss was taking more out of me than I deemed necessary. The dreams would begin when I started to think if I should stay in the job or leave?

Consciously I wondered about my dream state and the cycles in which they occurred. The more I thought about this the more my reality also seemed entail experiences of repetitiveness. For example, I always attracted individuals with a dominant nature who failed to listen to my perspective and ultimately having my personal power comprised. This would create frustration in myself that I realised was an ‘issue’ however it wasn’t until I noticed the connection between this experience and one of a practical nature.

The supermarket was a chore that I detested. Mainly because each time I walked towards the check out the checkout person would place the closed sign on the till. It didn’t matter where I shopped the closed sign would be placed on the register as I walked towards it. Even if there was a line at the checkout I would walk towards it, stand at the end and just as I began waiting the checkout person would hand the closed sign to the person in front of me, completely disregarding me. The feeling of frustration surfaced and another ‘issue’ was created.

Finding the Answers

I entered into a discussion about repetitive dreams with a Shaman who seemed to make sense of it all. The Shaman referred to my dreams as fragments of a shattered soul, she suggested I take myself back to the school where I had left my energy or soul imprint. The Shaman explained that I needn’t do this physically rather to use my mind or energy to retrieve the imprint.

The Shaman made a lot of sense. I understood how energy can imprint itself on objects or in a room and that is why we often feel uneasy or even happy with an environment. I just hadn’t connected my dreams to my own soul imprint being left at school.

I gave myself some quiet time to reflect back on school life, connecting back to the dream, it seemed like it was only yesterday rather than 20 years. I watched the younger version of myself at school, felt the emotions and consciously told the young me that it was time to leave the school ground.

I couldn’t say how long this process went for but not for long. I opened my eyes and felt no real difference, however it worked, eight years have gone by and never have I dreamed about the school.

Connecting the Fragments

The dream was the first attempt at retrieving my soul or energetic part of me. Demonstrating how the strings of the Universe intertwine with our daily life.

The dreams about crocodiles, dominant people were all one in the same fear. I dreaded having my personal power compromised. The crocodiles represented people just like the old song “Never smile at a crocodile”.

The lack of trust resulting from a culmination of experiences occurring over time and could not be related to just one event. This didn’t matter, it was the same Universal principal that the Shaman had relayed to me. My soul energy had been scattered through all of the experiences.

I took myself through the exercise, connecting to the core issue- trust or lack of it. I felt the anxiety, heart palpitations as I thought about various situations and I stood back and called to myself to come back. I let the emotions and physical feelings arise and trusted my higher self would know it was time to pull them back into my whole being.

It must have worked, as I kid you not. These days I go to the supermarket often a new checkout opens the shop keeper invites me to be first in line. My issue of mistrust and compromised personal power was creating situations of uncertainty, obstacles that would validate my conscious mind to believe that I had to be vigilant around everyone or else my self-empowerment would be compromised.

What Does All Of this Really Mean?

The patterns of the Universe are infinite capable of fragmenting and aligning with frequencies that create repetitive physical happenings just like a song that is on repeat, until it is changed. Thinking of life this way is really not about analyzing the lesson, rather understanding the frequencies that we are attuned to.

Each of us is part of the Universe connected by strings of time, space and possibility, all powerful beyond measure. Our body, soul and mind are the key operators that create our experiences and program our life. Look for the patterns that occur and ask yourself, what are the main concerns within yourself? Look at the connections to the emotions, thoughts and experiences that play out in everyday life. String this together, go in and retrieve the fragments that are holding your back.