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Awakening your Spirit Connection – mp3 download


This is an audio CD we created that provides several guided meditations to remove doubt and fear about Spirit communication, allowing you to connect to Spiritual guidance relevant to you. This will then allow you to remove the blocks that are holding you back from making necessary changes in your life.

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The Spirit Communication mp3 download contains guided meditations that will assist you to connect and communicate with Spirit. It also contains tracks with healing vibrations that have been recorded with vocal tones channeled from spirit. The tones and harmonics are designed to clear your energy and mind, allowing for a stronger divine connection.

The track listing is:
1 – Introduction
2 – Frequencies to Clear the Space – Vocal toning
3 – Removing Self Doubt and Fear – Guided meditation
4 – Connecting to Spirit – Guided meditation
5 – Healing the Blocks to Change – Guided meditation

Track 1 Sample

Introduction (01:42)

Track 2 Sample

Frequencies to Clear the Space (1:35)


Thank you! Whoa, wow and amazing – very powerful particularly the Self Doubt and Fear exercise (Awakening your Spirit Connection CD). The tracks are just as powerful as the Workshop I attended in person last year. Incredibly powerful, grounding and calming. Highly recommend the workshops, readings and downloads available. Heather


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