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What We Can Expect for the Coming Year

I thought I would reflect on the world for this year by focusing on what 2017 will bring the world on a physical and spiritual level.
When it comes to predictions, timing can sometimes be out. I do find though that the events often happen the way in which they are given. Hopefully some of what has been written may not happen and perhaps the world consciousness can change enough to prevent them.


  • Talk of a recession but it will not eventuate. The economy dips causing interest rates to rise and much talk around leadership battles all see the fear of a recession.
  • Prime Minister Turnbull will go through a battle of leadership – his own party pushing him out due to decisions that he makes around economic growth. He will be pushing to sign a deal that would see Australia ‘giving away’ trade.
  • Labor will be back in power by early 2018.
  • Economic growth towards the end of 2017 and into 2018. Increasing prices of homes, cars and of course utilities. Pay rates for low income earners will be marginally increased.
  • Talks around the government changing how people apply and receive unemployment benefits. A ‘new’ cut off period will be talked about especially for young people and those in their 30’s. (This too doesn’t help the popularity vote for Turnbull’s party) It will not go ahead. However, Labor will introduce a ‘new scheme’ that will be a cloak and mirrors disguise, but essentially be a version of the labor proposal. Either way, welfare benefits will not be as they are now by 2018 and onward.
    -More destructive weather in northern NSW. If you live in this area I would encourage reviewing your insurance and waterproofing the home.
  • Further up north in the NT and Darwin area we will see a lot more rain. Creating changes to natural icons however not a bad thing to happen, just different. Minor earth tremors in this area too. The birth of a spiritual find that will see Australia of interest to Archeologists and Anthropologists around the world. (this land was inhabited much earlier than first thought)
    -Bundaberg QLD will make it on the news. A spike in their economic grown with a good offer regarding local production.
  • Internationally

  • The U.S.A -Trump will not last, impeached for criminal acts committed in the past and most recently as early as February (2017, that’s right, he is going to commit another one) Hard evidence and proof will see him stand down as leader, towards the end of the year. On a personal level. Melania will leave the marriage and soon be seen with another millionaire tycoon, not from the U.S
    Threats to China, forcing an embargo on foreign owned land. Creating sustainable growth for Japan.
  • Military leaders will wipe out a major Isis threat restoring Peace to the world.
  • Isis may seemingly be conquered but another group will emerge to take their place forcing leaders to once again be on high alert. This group is politically driven and backed by a county with a strong hold over the Middle East.
  • Russia will see the advancement of nuclear power heightening the world alert and fear of where this may lead.
  • Germany, Angela Merkle will be over thrown by a man who will look at cutting the intake of refugees and immigration. Causing concern for other countries who shared an agreement with Germany.
  • Higher Perspective

    2017 is the year that feminine energy will rise to demonstrate compassion and love. Everything is not what it seems, there is reason for destruction and reason for new growth. The earth is birthing a new way of thinking, living and being. For those who are not good with change this is going to be difficult. Learn to go with the flow, don’t hold on by valuing materialism as the be all and end all of life. If this is the case, you will find the lesson most challenging and may find any objects or money will be taken away.

    Intuition will become the new ‘buzz’ word but what does it mean? To go within and be. This is where the voice of truth can truly be heard, felt and seen.