Using clairvoyance, I am able to see the human energy field also known as the aura. The aura surrounds and intertwines the physical body. It is a snapshot of thoughts, experiences and issues relating to life.

When I have contact with a client I immediately see their physical health and emotional stresses. It is this insight which assists me to understand their life journey.

It works the same way over the phone. The image of their energy is dropped into my mind’s eye as a vision.

The next step is to use my medium ability to connect to their higher guidance. It is here that I ask for information specifically around an individual’s concern. For example it may be a cross roads relating to career or relationships. The information I receive will assist with their understanding of what is actually happening this in turn helps with decisions, and self-empowerment.

I do receive predictions of future events however nothing is engraved in stone and depending on the inner strength of the individual to make change the prediction can be altered. I do look at the two paths of outcomes for such a scenario. E.g. if you turn left then this will happen if you go right then this will happen.

Through experience I have found that a Map of Life reading eliminates the confusion of life. This leaves clarity and understanding for the path ahead.