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Kim Sowter - Psychic, Medium and Clairvoyant
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Introducing the Map of Life Reading

A Clairvoyant, Psychic & Mediumship Reading

I have a powerful combination of abilities that allow me to see, sense and communicate with all aspects of your being, from your spirit team, to the cells within your body.

As a result, I can connect with your purpose, potential, life issues and see the experiences that have shaped your current reality.

Because of this, the benefit for you is that this amazing information will allow you to be reconnected with your soul and physical potential, the first step to eliminating the fear and self-doubt that may be holding you back.

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Surrounding your entire being, intertwining with each cell of your body, exists your story

What a clairvoyant sees

The Map of Life is an intricate fabric of pathways that creates physical reality. This is your blueprint of who you are. As a result, your thoughts, health, relationships, goals, experiences, beliefs are held within and around your physical body.

I have spent my whole life seeing, feeling and learning to read the Map of Life. As a result, this gives me a deep understanding and connection to the mind, body, soul and spirit of those that I meet. Through my personal experience, I can verify that each of us have an infinite relationship with our spirit and soul.

This connection is what we call INTUITION. Intuition is the exchange between a high vibration of divinity – God and the human identity.

What a clairvoyant sees

Clairvoyant - A person who can see beyond the physical world

I have the ability of clairvoyance or second sight. This allows me to see the colours and energetic pathways that exist in life, which is presented as images or physical manifestations. Becasue of this, I can receive insights into all areas of life, transcending what is currently known.

My clairvoyant sight is blended with an ability to communicate with spirit. It is the combination of these two abilities that allows the fine veil that exists between this world and the next to be dissolved.

I have a dedicated spirit team that include guides and other spirit helpers who work to provide accurate messages and information that can only be obtained from a high vibratory place. Your loved ones may also be present to bring through messages but they do not have access to the information contained in the Map of Life.

Mediumship - Direct communication with spirit beings

Flowing through my being is the energy vibration of higher spirit who relay the information that YOU need at the present time to make decisions and move forward. Some people feel this energy even over the phone. Energy is not limited by location, time or space.

Many feel emotional during the session this is because the vibration of spirit bring through healing, releasing the blocks of resistance. Others receive confirmation, their thoughts or feelings validated that they are already at the brink of change.

No one is ever judged by their actions or thoughts. Spirit created you. You are Spirit in a flesh and body suite attempting to experience life that only flesh and blood can. Free will is acknowledged, it is the sword that can kill the creative soul or strengthen.

The information received will always be for the good of the individual. It will heal and ignite the soul and person.

The Map of Life can alter if the individual wants change.
Patterns of sabotage can change, overcoming hurdles is possible.

For those who wish to open the mind and discover the why and how of life, The Map of Life is the place to begin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you work over the phone or internet?
We work with spirit and energy which is not restricted by location, time or physicality. All readings work just as well by this method as any other.
How Often Should I have a Reading?
At least not before 3 months. Too many readings lead to confusion and I find my own guides may refuse people who have seen someone else in a short space of time. The reason is that spirit have imparted the information and will not repeat themselves. Especially if the person is handing over their own empowerment to someone else.
Is it Recorded?
Yes, the reading is recorded and emailed or transferred to CD. We find a lot of information can be imparted and it may be too much to take on board at the time. Listening back can help to fully integrate the guidance and energy.
Do you Use Tarot Cards?
No physical tools are used neither do we ask for birthdates etc. It is all connection to spirit and energy.
What Spirit Are You Working with?
Unfortunately, due to television and Movies many people only see mediums conversing with low line spirit entities. We do not entertain this. We have over 20 years of individual development and training in the field of the paranormal. Understanding, testing and depicting mischievous spirits from the true hierarchy is a learned skill that we have obtained. We have also worked with energy for this amount of time and created a clear path to the highest vibration of spirit and Love.
Do you offer just one question readings?
No. A map of life is a deeper reading than just a quick yes/ no answer. There is more to an individual than a quick fix.
How Should I prepare for a Reading?
Don't be nervous, take deep breaths and just bring an open mind. You may want to think about what is most pressing for you and any questions you may want answered. Having said that spirit sometimes provide all the information leaving many people’s questions answered without having to ask.
How much information do you Need?
We may ask you if there is a particular area of life that is a concern right now but we do not ask for details.
Can Outcomes change?
Of course we all have choices. Over 20 years we have had clients go against what was advised and often returned because they admit they did not listen to the guidance at the time and chose to do it the 'hard' way.
Do I have anyone in spirit?
We all do. Whether it is a relative we have never met in this life or spiritual guide, all of us have love and help in the world beyond the physical. None of us are ever alone.

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