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Ben & Kim Sowter

Learn The Secret System Millionaires Use To Achieve Success

Allow us to help you create a Life of Prosperity and Abundance

Take a life-changing adventure of self discovery, learning how to create abundance in your life, allowing you to achieve the goals you have always dreamed of but dismissed as being unrealistic.

Simple and proven techniques to achieve your goals and dream lifestyle.

Abundance in all areas of your life. It’s up to you to choose your goals.

We will personally work with you during our one-day KEYS TO ABUNDANCE
Intensive Workshop, teaching you to become a MASTER OF ABUNDANCE using
the secret keys to achieve the success you desire.

Achieve that long-held goal in mere months!

Sunday the 13th of March 2016

9:30am to 4:30pm (arrive at 9:15am)

Beach Lane

642 Nepean Hwy, Carrum, VIC

Be quick as places are limited to this intensive!

Are you frustrated with not achieving the goals you want? Do you feel as though you will never see success in your life?

How does the thought of free-flowing abundance in your life feel? …An Abundance that flows through all areas of your life…

Ben Sowter

Body/Soul Meta-Physician

Hi, we’re Ben & Kim and we’d love to work with you to become another success story using the Keys to Abundance

Ben Sowter

Body/Soul Meta-Physician

This is THE most important step you can take to enable you to realise your goals in 2016

A step that can transform your life in the shortest possible time.

Skeptical? We understand. It does seem a big call.

There are endless amounts of people offering “life-changing” workshops and amazing “secret techniques” to help you achieve this or that.

The Keys to Abundance is a completely unique toolbox that works!

Here’s why you will benefit from being a part of this workshop.

We have a combined experience of 25 years consulting with, teaching and mentoring people to remove self-sabotaging mindsets and energetic imbalances that simply don’t allow them to manifest their goals.

Using all of the experience we have gained in interactions with these clients, we have recognised the fundamental Key aspects of personal development that allow you to manifest and create abundance in your life.

Due to demand, we have created an Intensive Workshop that teaches you these key aspects to creating abundance in your life.

These simple, yet effective techniques are tools that you can take home with you and use every day to keep the abundance flowing in your life.

Our promise to you is that if you join us for this one day Intensive we will share all we know about how to create Abundance in your life. No information or techniques will be held back. It will be a full day of working with the Keys to Abundance.

These Keys have been proven to work in every day people’s lives.

This One-Day Event could create more Abundance than you have ever imagined.
Do you have your list of goals ready?

Unique offer for the first 6 people who register today.

For the first 6 people who want to bring abundance into their lives and secure their place in
this workshop, we are going to give you access to this intensive for

only $167

a huge saving off the full value of $497 per ticket.

Be quick as places are limited to this intensive!

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Apply for The Transformational Turnaround Program

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