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Ben & Kim Sowter

With all of the technology and systems that have been designed to help us achieve a greater sense of balance, we still feel stressed and tired. Why? There is something that a machine cannot do for us and that is taking away the human connection to group consciousness.

I have heard many people say that they refuse to watch the news anymore because it is so full of negativity. I don’t blame them however we don’t need to watch the news or television to be affected by the energetics of others.

As a teacher of meta-physics I often have my students complete a simple exercise. They blindfold one person who sits in the middle of a circle, while the rest of the group thinks of a colour and write this down on a piece of paper. Without saying a word the blindfold is removed and the person ‘guesses’ the colour. At least 90% of the time the correct colour is chosen. Is this just lucky odds or something more?

Human beings are so much more than flesh and blood and it is through our sensitivity that this is highlighted. The ability to sympathise and take on the emotions of others is often depicted as consciously becoming too involved in someone else circumstance. In part this may be true but I can also see there is another explanation.

Each living organism is surrounded by a glowing light which is known as an aura. The aura holds our thoughts, emotions, illness and even experiences before they manifest in the physical. A simple exercise to see and feel the aura is to look at your fingers. Hold your hands out, preferably against a plain background. Relax your eyes and look past your fingers rather than direct. After a few seconds a white haze will be highlighted, this is the densest part of the aura and the easiest to see.

Our aura is constantly moving, expanding and changing, sometimes in very subtle ways or when there is a big shift it can dramatically alter. The most important function that the aura has is to keep us connected to life in the physical world including other people.

Energy exchanges or Telepathy is not as uncommon as you may think. Have you ever called a friend who announced they were just thinking of you? Maybe it has been a reversed situation, either way both of you were sending and receiving a telepathic link. Perhaps the two of you even commented on this link, laughed about it. The one point that you may not have been aware of is that each of us has a connection to the conscious mind of everyone around us.

Occasionally the connections can be created days before physically meeting or speaking to someone. An example may be a sudden change in energy levels, feeling frustrated, ill all mannerisms that are uncommon. Disconnect from this by using the silver light method and becoming more aware of yourself and that of energy.

I highly recommend anyone who is working with other people to practice being aware of the energy exchanges that are formed on a daily basis. Be mindful of thoughts and feelings that are out of the ordinary and if having trouble sleeping. Go through your aura and clear away any debris or clutter that is not yours.

Some simple energy clearing techniques

  • A hot cleansing bath with:
  • 1kg of sea salt
  • 500g of bi carb soda
  • Soaking for at least 10 minutes.

When you can feel your energy being drained or a sudden pain comes on that is irregular

  • Flush your energy with the silver light.
  • Over the head and down the body and into the earth, anchoring your energy to the ground.

The silver light is perfect for clearing. White light can in fact diffuse the energy creating more fatigue. White Light is great for other forms of energetics.