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Intimate relationships consist of complex dynamic energetic interactions. What you might not know is that these energetic interactions can often limit the success of one or both people in the relationship.

is-love-holding-you-backOver the last 15 years I have seen many people who sought my insights regarding business, career or other such personal pursuits. Often they are at a crossroads, ready to take the next step towards their success but something is halting the progress. Naturally we think of a lack of self- belief or even a fear of failure. What if there is another factor at play, a deeper unconscious reason as to why success seems to be elusive. The answer may be closer to home. Would you have ever thought that the one person you love is actually holding you back from your dreams?

Yes, it may sound absurd after all why would your partner, the one you love, the one who has supported you with all the talk of your goals be the one person to be holding you back? In a nutshell, they fear a change within the relationship. When success is achieved how will this change their role in your life? Believe it or not I see this often, I refer to it as the hook of suspension because it is the one last variable that will be the deciding factor as to whether you choose to make the leap forward or stay at the brink of success. Don’t get me wrong your partner may not be deliberately holding you back, in fact they genuinely want you to be happy which is why they have listened and shown support for your ideas but as I said at the beginning, relationships have many layers and the fear of a partner changing is one. Still Not Convinced? Think about when you first felt the love for your partner. How did you feel? Did you think about them often, feel a connection, dream about seeing them? Of course you did or else you wouldn’t be with them now. This is love, a connection that goes beyond the physical sensation of lust. When the initial ‘spark’ was ignited your energy and theirs connected and intertwined. This connection has remained. Perhaps there are times when you finish each others sentence or say what the other was thinking and maybe you even feel the physical pain of your partner. All of this is a natural part of an intimate relationship. So What is The Answer? This article is not about ending the relationship to obtain success or to remain in suspension as you try to reason with your thoughts. Nor is it about trying to get them to open up and admit their fears around your goals. It is an exercise in disconnecting from their energy and fully coming back to the whole self. The effects of doing this will mean that any thoughts, apprehensions or desires will be solely yours alone and not connected to anyone else. This is perfect for connecting to clarity and the inner knowledge.

How to Connect to the Whole Self

  • Take deep breaths in through the nose and exhale through the mouth until you feel relaxed.
  • Sitting in a comfortable chair visualize a ball of silver light above your head.
  • With each exhalation see this ball expand.
  • See the bottom of the silver light move down the body and out towards the arms and hands with each exhalation.
  • The silver light is removing all energy links to other people.
  • Bring your goal to the mind and mentally ask if there is anyone’s energy that is still holding you back.
  • If there is the image of a person or feeling towards them then run the silver light through until this is disconnected.
  • Once you feel comfortable and clear bring your awareness back to the room.
  • Before standing up, focus on bringing your awareness to your feet and the ground. This will help to anchor your being back to the physical.

Note – it may be that it appears difficult to really feel/see the silver light in certain areas of the body. This is the energy resisting a disconnection. Focus on this area even more by feeling the resistance, intensifying the light and if needs be seeing a big silver sword cut away any cords that may remain. A cord is a long rope-like flow of energy. It links individuals to each other and hooks into certain parts of the body. Repeat the exercise every day and if needs be more than once a day. It does work instantaneously, so don’t be afraid to feel and see immediate results.