Choices are there for all of us to make. Life has a way of steering us towards a direction that perhaps we don’t want to go in. So where does the power of choice come into our mind, heart and soul?

Intuition remains intrinsically woven with our desires, life path and the choice we have at every second of every day to make. The best decisions come from a place of knowing thyself.

The journey of intuition begins with the connection we have to ourselves along with the choices that are made. To pursue intuition is a choice based on the need of opening the mind to greater self- awareness.

The choices we make result in a conscious decision to alter life circumstances. The results are made from the freedom to choose how we react, live and interact within the world. Knowing we have a choice will lead to greater joy and happiness. Remaining asleep, unconscious of the ability to evolve our way of being will keep us enslaved to current limitations.

Life has a wonderful way of honoring choices by manifesting the circumstances that will reinforce what we believe to be true. If we believe deep down that our life is to be a continual burden of work, financial stress and limited joy then it will be. Alter this core belief to be in line with how you want to feel, and the perception of the world and circumstances will transform with you.

Developing intuition will unleash the core beliefs, pushing the boundaries of free thinking with limited vision. Emotions, physical symptoms, thoughts and dreams can reveal the pain of past hurts. Do not let this awareness stop you from continuing with development.

There will be a logical processing of regret for past actions undertaken by you and others. Everyone has a regret of some degree, but do not hold onto this, let it go. Clear the burden of what should have been and focus on all the freedom that is with you now.

Ego will lead us to think that we have no choice, our life is locked in by responsibilities. The simple truth is, we all have the ability to choose how we think, feel and act. We have a choice to give up, be unhappy and never do anything different or we can ask for help, seek guidance and free the mind from its prison.

Tips for Making Choices

• The deeper the connection to ourselves the more conscious our ability to choose

• Core beliefs create life circumstances

• Choices we make result in a conscious decision to alter current positioning

Extract from the book “The Sentient Pathway – The #1 Guide to Developing Your Intuition, Giving You Power, Clarity and Confidence” by Kim and Ben Sowter, Published by Global Publishing

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