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Introduction to Intuition Training

So You Are New to Intuition

You Know There Is an Intuitive Side to You
but Just Don’t Know How to Develop This

Maybe You Have Experienced:

  • Visions, thoughts about people that end up coming true?
  • Sudden, unexplainable aches or pains when connecting to another person?
  • A strong pull to go left when logic and reason say turn right?

Kim and Ben Know What It’s Like to Be New to Intuition

ben-and-kimThey have assisted countless individuals to identify their own unique intuitive sense by going beyond everyday consciousness to remove the limitation of self-doubt and open up to the inner power of knowledge that could not be obtained by ordinary logic or human experience.

When you were a child, dreams, wonder and excitement were part of everyday living. The connection to nature and the self was strong. Perhaps you even felt or witnessed events with people just before they happened.

Children are very sensitive, their intuition is at their strongest point, right before adapting to social convention formulating adult behavior takes effect.

Can you go back to a time when you were young? Do you remember feeling emotions or even having thoughts that were beyond your years?

Maybe, you witness a baby staring into space or a child has told you they recognize a long deceased relative in a photo. Our intuition never leaves us it just lies beneath all the reason, logic and fear that prevents us from listening.

Kim and Ben assist you to go back to that intuitive sensitiveness you had as an infant and child.

Now is the time for change

As an adult, you have an innate tool that lies within, ready to emerge

Your intuition is a tool to be used to reach success, attain goals, live a life of purpose and most importantly clear away that which limits you to allow your soul purpose to shine through.

Einstein Quote

“Intuition is a guiding force that is not dictated by reason or fear, quite the opposite.

It relies on trust and faith in the self. When you are ready to listen a whole new world opens up.

Perspective changes, behaviors, stresses and the self-imposed prison of worry disappears.

Opportunity, solutions, love and self-respect emerge forging the way towards a new life of success and prosperity.”

Are You Ready to Kickstart Your Intuition?
Follow Kim and Ben’s Proven Intuition Formula!

How Intuition Can Help Practitioners Working with
Various Types of Modalities

Counselling and Psychotherapy – Working with intuition gives the ability to look beyond the conscious mind to see the pathway of healing.

Intuition connects the individual to the truth. Imagine being able to work with a client that has a pattern of delusion. Connecting with your intuitive strength will confidently enable the truth to be shown straight away, allowing for a clearer approach to healing.

Learning about the energetic anatomy and how it relates to the physical body will enable the practitioner to see and connect with the blocks and patterns of the client. Developing techniques for clearing and empowering the session will enhance current treatment plans and the outcome of healing.

Life Coaches – Stand out from the sea of wellness coaches by fine tuning the intuitive voice. Create a business with confidence and open the door to opportunity.

Connecting with the intuitive voice and learning to differentiate from the voices of fear and reason will assist with all facets of life for yourself and your clients. Developing intuition will give a deeper understanding into the human mind, blocks and patterns that can prevent purpose of being and the intuitive energy that each of us emits and receives on a daily basis.

Personal Trainers – Stop losing unmotivated clients and give them an insight into the cause of their lack of motivation. Intuition will give you the tools to make a deep connection to your client’s real issue. When they lose motivation or just think they are not worth it, you be the one to be able to pin point the ongoing patterns that cause them to give up. You will be the one to help eliminate the emotional blocks to progress.

Add a new element to your business and learn to see beyond the physical. When clients are amazed by your accuracy and techniques for giving them back energy and confidence, the physical program will just be the icing on the cake.

Massage Therapists – Connecting to intuition will create amazing treatment plans for your clients. Imagine being able to provide a service where by you are able to really connect with the client on a deeper level. Tapping into their physical pain before you even have them on the table. Give them insight as to why they are experiencing the physical aches and pains they come to you to find relief from.

Understanding and connecting not only with the physical anatomy but the energetic anatomy will allow you to be a step ahead of the rest. Assisting clients to understand the connection with their body will see an amazing increase in healing and wellness.

Many Massage Therapists report feeling an intense healing energy flow through their own being, receiving information from a source beyond their own mind all leading to a desire to understand and develop their intuitive ability. Intuition will diversify, enhance and create a business that has clients beating down the door to make a booking.

Reiki Healers – Reiki energy surges through the body, increasing intuition but it does not provide the training to really understand the information received.

Practitioner’s often report feeling energy over their client’s body and being drawn to certain areas where the client has not verbally expressed a dysfunction. Imagine having a greater awareness of what is causing this issue, being able to look beyond the physical to provide deeper insight for your client.

Developing Reiki practice enables stronger energy to come through just as developing intuition allows for the greater insight into your client’s needs so they can really heal emotionally as well as physically.

Yoga Practitioners – We have assisted many Yoga enthusiasts to understand the changes occurring as they develop their practice. Many reporting an increase with visions or colour through meditation, inexplicable memories surfacing for no apparent reason or simple just needing to make a change with life. As a Yoga teacher why not add this element to your practice and create a service that will have people enthusiastically waiting to get into a class!

Don’t let your clients walk out the door wondering – what is happening to me? Give them the knowledge and understanding they are looking for.

Here’s the Amazing Features of this Intuition Training

Discover Your Intuitive Sense

  • Define Intuition
  • Connecting the physical & intuitive anatomy

Many people do not realise just how their five senses are used to process intuition.

The way you receive intuitive information may be through a particular sense.

If you are someone who physically ‘feels’ the pain of another or just knows when the phone is about to ring, then we will show you exactly how your body receives these experiences.

Learn what your own intuitive sense is and how it receives and emits information that goes beyond logic and reason.

Expand The Conscious Mind

  • Determining the voice of reason, self-doubt and fear
  • Become aware of what is currently limiting progress in any aspect of life

We live by three voices; fear, reason and intuition. Often it is intuition that comes last as it is dismissed by fear and reason as idiotic or fantasy. We will assist you to determine the three voices that play out in everyday life.

Learn how the voice of fear came about in your life.

Why reason is necessary and how it can work with intuition.

Discover how the three voices currently impacts your life, without you even noticing!

Remove The Blocks to Intuition

  • Change the relationship you have with yourself
  • Perceive people and situations from a whole new angle

Developing intuition can lead to feeling; confused & emotional as you begin to question relationships, work and family. This can be a very deep and profound experience when understood, however most people do not have the knowledge to realize that the process is a culmination of the suppressed psyche rearing itself to the conscious mind.

Would you allow a child to be let loose in the adult world? There is so much to see and do, but they do not have the understanding or the skills to really benefit or handle the responsibility not even fully comprehend the adult world. So too is the individual who begins the intuitive journey.

It is a world that goes beyond reason, fear and self-doubt and therefore needs to have the know how to eliminate the blocks that are currently preventing the flow of his/her power.

An instant feeling of lightness and a re-connection to the soul purpose can be experienced through this process.

Connecting to the Intuitive Self

  • The higher self, the all-knowing truth of YOU
  • Discover the essence of who you really are by going deep within to connect with your truth of being.

Beyond what you have been taught in this life there remains part of you that is connected to a higher aspect of life. This part of you holds the key to your purpose, experiences, life span and connection to the source of all creation. It is commonly referred to as the ‘higher self’.

Here we gain an understanding of ourselves and leave behind the worries of the physical world.

Connecting to our higher selves can be like going on a holiday. It diminishes stress, opens our eyes and soul to healing and releases the worry of everyday living.

Learn what the higher self is all about and how important it is for us to really connect with this aspect of our being.

Transitioning to an Intuitive Life

  • How to incorporate intuition into everyday life
  • How to obtain that instant connection to intuition

Intuition is available to us 24/7. When you go through the process of identifying and strengthening your personal intuitive ability (covered in prior weeks), there are techniques that can assist you to quieten your mind to strengthen and become used to the intuitive guidance that is ever present.

Once you begin to become more familiar with your intuition, you will find that you do not need to use the same level of preparation to receive the intuitive guidance that you did when starting out. In essence, every moment of our lives asks us to make choices and our choice is to choose to be led by our intuition rather than fear or logic.

An example of going beyond the process of thought and using intuition as your first response to an event is the character Neo in the movie “The Matrix”. Once Neo developed his ability to use his inner guidance and “know” the truth, when a situation confronted him, he did not make a conscious decision, he was in a space of intuitive “knowing” and reacted without fear or logic.

In this week’s installment, we will give you tools and techniques to enable you to teach yourself to make your intuition “second nature” in your moment-by-moment decision-making process.

Introduction To Intuition

Intuition is available to us 24/7. When you go through the process of identifying and strengthening your personal intuitive ability, there are techniques that can assist you to quieten your mind to strengthen and become used to the intuitive guidance that is ever present.

A personal one on one assessment of your development is provided on completion of the program. This will assist with ongoing development and fine tuning the techniques obtained when you completed Introduction To Intuition.

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