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Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by crowds that it gave you a headache? Do you experience overwhelming fatigue or insomnia? If you answered yes to either scenario then you may have experienced a form of anxiety.

anxietyWhat is anxiety? It is an illogical feeling of fear or uneasiness around an event or something that may or may not happen. Generally, there is no pattern to an anxiety attack. It may occur anywhere of anytime and it does not discriminate. Anyone can experience anxiety.

The majority of clients that I see experience a range of symptoms that include: feeling overwhelmed by crowds, difficulty making basic decisions, insomnia, fatigue, heart palpitations, dizziness and the list goes on. Often the first step is to seek medical advice, after all anxiety can mirror a range of health conditions.

How does a Meta-Physician see Anxiety?

auraWe look at the energy field, commonly known as the aura. The aura surrounds and intertwines with the physical body. When anxiety is present, green becomes the dominant colour. This may be a lime green or pale shade which can change depending on what the individual is thinking and experiencing in their physical environment.

How Can a Meta-Physician assist with Anxiety?

We watch the subtle changes of the aura while undertaking a conversation with the individual. The discussion can be anything from basic formalities to a deeper personal nature.
As the Metaphysician watches the aura, notes are made regarding the topic of conversation. The purpose of the conversation is to see what is causing the anxiety so that it may then be acknowledged and released.

How can Anxiety be eliminated?

The Metaphysician will assist the individual to acknowledge the patterns that have led to the disorder and how to change this programming.

Core energy healing is used to assist the individual to release past emotional triggers. The core energy used is different to many other forms of healing. It is a high frequency vibration that streams directly from the divine and through to the individual’s being.

The healing does not take long to integrate with the individual, encouraging the emotions linked with anxiety to surface. This allows for the techniques demonstrated in the session to assist with the release of emotions, clearing out old thoughts and becoming a lot more aware of the patterns.

As the individual allows for the emotions to surface they are encouraged to ask for the core energy healing to run through the system. Again, releasing the emotional links and clearing out the programming that the individual has been living by.

The healing process may take several days or weeks to move through, depending on how much emotional energy the individual has vested in their program. The end result bring in a new sense of clarity, inner strength emerges and creativity shines. Often new people and opportunities appear as if out of nowhere.

The Energy of Anxiety


Essentially anxiety is held in the Solar Plexus which relates to the human aspect of personal power. Many sensitive individuals often state that they can feel the emotions or physical pain of others. The solar plexus is the energy center/chakra that allows for this transference.

Individuals who often take on the energy of others do so because it is a way of building on their own personal strength. For example, if issues of abandonment and isolation are experienced the individual will subconsciously pull the energy of another in order to feel ‘complete’. Vice Versa, the individual can also give energy outward to others in the hope of some kind of reciprocation. If the recipient is not open to this energetically, they may actually walk away or pull their energy back. This formulates rejection and reinforces the abandonment program.

The heart center is responsible for processing the human aspects of our being with the higher, self-awareness of the divine. When anxiety affects the chest by way of palpitations, tightness or restriction, he heart center is trying to transcend the physical program of abandonment and heartache with that of our desire to be needed and loved by all, including our divine self.

Remember that all of this is energy and not consciously or physically seen by individuals. This is why and how a metaphysician can understand and work with the triggers that have formed the program.

Enjoy a life free of Anxiety
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