In an ever changing, fast-paced modern world, we have created technology to think and make decisions for us. We no longer go with our hunches or gut-feelings, rather we rely on what our GPS or smartphone tells us. The internet gives us access to unlimited information at the click of a button.

As a result, we have lost trust in our intuition; our innate ability as sentient beings to receive intuitive information that goes beyond our logical mind.

Having evolved from our primitive origin, our basic instinctual ability of sensing threats to our safety has evolved into a finely-tuned intuitive sense that constantly guides us to the solutions of modern-day problems and concerns.

Recent scientific experiments have proved that this intuitive sense exists; our physical senses and heart are constantly receiving intuitive stimulus from the world around us, before we consciously perceive it.

The heart is now known to consist of brain-like neuron cells, capable of intelligence. Proof of a connection between the heart and brain suggests that our heart is the channel that sends intuitive insights to the brain. But are we listening?

Many well-known, successful people are somehow already aware of this, recognising the value of intuition and how it enriches their lives, from business people, to revolutionary scientists, to creative artists. They all share the ability to allow their intuition to filter into their consciousness, to help in their decision making process, as well accessing inspirational, creative ideas and solutions to problems.

Are you using your intuition to assist you? I welcome comments on your relationship to intuition and how it has helped you.