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Ben & Kim Sowter

Bridging Two Worlds

A tall, slim figure walks up the hallway until it reaches the bedroom doorway where it stands motionless, the light from the hall illuminating the elongated, human-like black mass. What can you do but stare in terror, crawl under the bed sheets or scream?

The phenomena of the shadow people have been open to debate about what these beings are, want and originated. Although there are no definitive answers, observations have found that it does not speak and rarely physically interacts but does seem to build intensity by thriving on the fear of its victim. The mere presence is enough to cause fright to an adult let alone a child.

The shadow often appears at night with either the lights on or off. The black mass appears even darker than that of a room with no light. It may move like a free-floating form, or it may change into a seeming blob of no defined shape that can move with speed.

A shadow person looking over a child

Personally, I had a shadow figure appear to me from a very young age until the age of 11. I was terrified and told my parents, my father laughing and my mother telling me not to be afraid, it was probably just my grandmother coming to visit. Well, I never met my grandmother, but I doubted it would be her appearing as a black mass and inciting terror.

The shadow being terrorized me every night without exception until the day I took back my power and decided that enough was enough. As a creative child, I used to love making things out of plasticine, bright colours forming flowers, trees, etc. The one colour I rarely used, black and so I had a lot left over. Molding it like a stress ball, I began to pad it out until it appeared to form a person and this was when the idea came to me, create the shadow figure.

I pummeled and rolled out the plasticine thinking of the shadow that had given me so much fear over the years, all my emotion and energy forming a small palm-sized model. Holding the figure in my palm even gave me anxiety, but I quickly pushed that feeling to one side as I took a small blue plastic cross that my mother had given me after attending a Christening. I put the cross in the middle of the figure, pushing it so that it was stuck. I held this and asked that the shadow would go away and never come back.

Creating the model by using it as an outlet for emotion and intent worked. I never had to go through another horrible night caused by the shadow figure.

If you have a child, who is fearful of shadow people or even the dark. I would recommend letting them express their fear by listening to what is scaring them and why. Help them to get back self-empowerment by creating an object that they can relate to. By invoking positive intent and strength of character, they can get rid of the shadow beings that seem to thrive on fear.