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Ben & Kim Sowter

“It was the still of the night that allowed me to feel inspired.”

It doesn’t matter if there is something stressful happening in life or not. Between the hours of 2am and 4am I am guaranteed to wake up.
At first this annoyed me because it didn’t matter what I did before bed I still woke up. I tried herbal teas, exercise during the day, listening to tranquil music, all of which helped me relax but not enough for a full night’s sleep.

Finally, I gave up and gave in to my frustration. This is when I realised that the erratic sleep pattern was actually my time to ‘breathe’. Instead of lying in bed trying to sleep, I chose to get up and read, write and connect with my higher self.

I shared this experience with a few of my friends who confessed that they too had the same problem with waking up during these hours. That is when I noticed a pattern. Male or female, each person was going through a transformation which entailed the need to let their inner self be free to receive insight and create the next step on their journey. In my case it was writing new ideas for work and reconnecting to spiritual guides who wanted me to LISTEN. As soon as I was able to release my creative desire I began to rest. Getting up so early to create didn’t entail long hours of insomnia, sometimes it was just half an hour and then I would sleep through the rest of the night. The most wonderful part about it is that I didn’t feel tired or drained the next day. Allowing the time seemed to energise and invigorate my well-being the next day.

However, a friend of mine believed it was due to stress. They were experiencing a financial difficulty that was driving them to lose sleep. When I pointed out that maybe they needed to get up and allow the answers to flow through at that time, they laughed. Eventually I convinced them to give it a go. In short the emotion associated with their problem surfaced, which in turn allowed for new solutions and guidance to come through. This I interpret as listening to the higher voice of intuition and divine assistance that is so often ignored.