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Ben & Kim Sowter

When your boss announces that the company is restructuring the immediate response from employees is one of resistance. What will these changes mean for me? Corporations have found a new way to tackle the ever-fearful change – The mindset approach.

Companies are quickly learning that language and mindset are the keys to unlocking the barrier of resistance when it comes to implementing change. Asking for verbal feedback from employees is one way in which many bosses are demonstrating how to shift the resistance.


Listening to the tone and words used we can see how the barrier of limitation is preventing the individual from adapting to change. For example, a new procedure is to begin today. The employee fears this change because they don’t understand why or how they will suddenly implement this straight away. Insecurity is expressed verbally, “This will not work.” The boss comes back with, ” Why?” of course this leaves the employee to think of a logical reason, and that may take a moment leaving the boss open to explaining the positive ways in which they will all benefit and the reason as to why change is required. It may not seem important. However, many employees are finding that open communication and a transparent approach can readily assist with a calmer transition.

Understanding how we are programmed is an excellent way to alter the mind and obtain goals. The voice of fear and self-doubt remain blocks to change in all areas of life as well as stifling that inner voice of power and personal achievement.

Next time change becomes too overwhelming, take a moment to go over the following key points. The more you do this the greater the understanding towards personal programming and how this effects current way of life.

Step 1. Feel the Resistance

  • Take note of what comes into the mind
  • How does your body respond?

Ask Yourself: Are the fears of others influencing you?

Are past experiences affecting you?

Human beings have an amazing way of holding onto the past. The body stores memories that create physical tension, pain, illness. Surrounding ourselves with people who can justify our fears seems like a ‘comfortable’ way to be however it stifles our growth and only validates the fear within.

Step 2. Listen to Reason

  • Be logical with the thought process
  • How does your interpretation of the mindset work with the reality of the situation?

By reasoning, we can quickly dismiss unfounded outcomes and fears. It brings logical information and can assist with communication between yourself and a boss, finding solutions and understanding.

Step 3. Listen to the Inner Voice

  • Ask yourself what makes you happy, not what would but does.
  • Listen to the body as you begin to think of all the experiences that bring happiness. It does not matter how small or seemingly insignificant this may be. For instance, being in a garden, reading a book, being with friends.
  • Feel how your body reacts to this joy. Take a moment just to ask yourself, how can I feel this way every minute of every day.

The inner voice holds the key to purpose, happiness, and the connection to life that people often feel they are missing. Go within to feel the joy and listen to the way in which you connect with yourself.