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Ben & Kim Sowter

Awaken Your Spirit Connection Course

Developing Your Connection With The Divine

Learn the art of spirit communication and experience the blending of guides, masters, and loved ones by developing the sensitivity to allow their presence to encapsulate your being.

Receive their words, experience their life when on earth & understand the divine connection that you have with their presence. Allow your limitations to melt away.

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Each week, journey through the elements of the human self. The part of you which has prevented the connection with spirit from being heard, seen or felt. This in itself is a healing that will remove the subconscious and conscious aspects of trauma, self-denial, lack of trust/faith and pain that has and still causing problems in life.

As the awareness comes to mind and heart, a great connection is unlocked. A deep, profound reminder that your soul & spirit remain in a continual relationship with divine grace. Manifesting through dreams, intuition, inspired creativity or even a moment of deja vu. The divine realms run in sync with life to co-create what happens in each moment. When consciously connected to this, a profound understanding of what it truly means to choose and co-create is understood. Are you ready for the transformation?

Be guided by an experienced tutor in the world of spirit communication

The course will run weekly for 8 weeks and include:

  • The role of your spirit team and how they are here to help
  • How to safely call in your spirit team by identifying their calling card
  • Blending with spirit energy to allow your guides, masters and loved ones to make direct connections
  • Going beyond death to experience how guides & loved ones journeyed from the earth realm, outside of the body and back to the source of spirit
  • Looking at the deeper human limitations and transcending this to a greater awareness of the soul/human self. Assisting with your life path
  • How to receive direct energy healing for the body, mind, emotional self and soul
  • Receive the knowledge and memory of why you chose to incarnate in this life. What experiences are to be lived and why

Personal Mentoring

Over the 8 week journey, you will be required to submit personal insights pertaining to your life journey. The homework is to bridge the gap between the human self and the spirit self. It is designed to accelerate the healing and opening of the light centers within. There is never a right or wrong answer, only the revealing of the many facets that make up your infinite being. Take advantage of the opportunity to discuss your experiences, advance your knowledge, and receive guidance.

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Sarah’s Experience of the Awaken Your Spirit Connection Course

The course Awaken Your Spirit Connection with Kim was fantastic. I joined because it offered everything I wanted to learn but in one course – something I had not seen before. Kim’s teaching style is one of the best I’ve experienced and I have even attended courses with the Arthur Findlay College in the UK. She is calm, encouraging, and gave really useful feedback during the course. She’s very experienced and I felt very safe opening up spiritually under her guidance. She also understands how everyone receives spiritual information differently and there’s no judgment as to how its ‘suppose to happen’ – which is a breath of fresh air to me.
I learned about my guides, developed a system to safely open up spiritually that works and got further clarity on what my life purpose is. I even learned about the death experience through spirit which was one of the most heartwarming experiences of the course for me. And this was all done with exercises I’d never seen before.
Since the course, I feel so much more confident with my senses and learned more about ‘how I work’, my meditations have a focus now and I know what my strengths are and what to keep developing.

Sarah Z


“Mediumship is a sensory experience that opens the mind, body and soul to infinite healing, knowledge and awareness of being, that is, the divine self”

How Mediumship Can Heal

When Spirits Grieve

Healing Beyond The Physical
Occasionally people seek my assistance to connect to the spirit of a loved one but sometimes those in spirit choose to make contact without being invited. I never deny this interaction as I understand that it can bring much comfort and understanding for those of us who are left in the physical world, grieving for our lost love.

What many people do not realise is sometimes a spirit may still be attached to the physical world as if they were in a body. Emotions, pain, and remorse can be felt from the spirit person. When we leave this earthly existence we choose: to let go and move on or to stay attached to this life.

This is a story about a teenage boy who, in a moment of rage and sadness chose to stay.

How to Secure Your Place

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Course Facilitator – Kim Platzer

About Kim

Kim is the co-founder of The College of Intuition and The Sentient Experiment™, author, teacher and facilitator for spirit communication.

Kim has been working as a professional medium, clairvoyant and spirit channel for 20 years. Providing detailed readings here and overseas for people and on properties. The spirit connection is strong, natural and part of daily life.

Spirit interaction began in childhood. Knocking on doors and windows, objects moving, spirit people speaking and walking through the house was not uncommon. Kim’s mother always advised, ‘never be afraid, they cannot hurt you.’ Great advice but with a lack of knowledge and skills Kim felt fear.


Fast forward to her early 20’s, Kim eventually received the tutoring needed to fully embrace her ability. This came after a two week stay in a haunted property in which Kim had obtained a 12-month lease. During the stay all kinds of spirit phenomena occurred which prompted Kim to finally acknowledge that she had an ability that required understanding.

Kim was introduced to a closed group who had the expertise needed to give her the required schooling. After passing an interview and participating in a practical demonstration Kim was accepted into the group. During her three-year training Kim gained the skills to fully utilize her abilities and overcome the fears that had once seemed debilitating.


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