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Kim Platzer-Sowter
International Author, Intuition Coach, Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant and Healer

For nineteen years I have worked as a professional reader, healer and researcher into the paranormal. How did this all start?

I’ve always had the ability to see, feel, hear and even smell or taste spirit phenomena. I never realised this was "different" until I was old enough to interact with other children who did not seem to share the same experiences.

In my childhood years I would often hear knocking on my bedroom window or footsteps around the house. I would hear male or female voices when no one was there. My mother sometimes experienced the phenomena but she would tell me to not be afraid because they were just visiting and would not cause any harm.

As I grew older my parents were concerned with some of the things that would come out of my mouth. For example, I would be talking to a grown up and begin telling them about their life or what they were planning. Often they would just stare at me and nervously laugh as they looked in my parent’s direction. My father would often state "she will just look straight through you" before turning to my mother for some sort of validation or help to get out of this embarrassing predicament.

In high school I became known for my ability to read objects such as, jewellery or glasses. When holding the items I would receive information in the form of images or feelings about where the item was purchased, how much it cost or who had given them as gifts. People either found this intriguing or ran away.

In my twenties I lived in a haunted house by myself for two weeks. I experienced boxes moving, doors opening and physical attacks on myself and my friend. As scary as this was it became my wakeup call and introduction to what has become a lifelong path into the research and development of spirit phenomena. I learnt to develop and nurture my abilities through the Spiritualist Church in Melbourne under the guidance of a wonderful medium.

As scary as this was it became my wakeup call and introduction to what has become a lifelong path into the research and development of spirit phenomena.

Today I offer readings to connect spirit people to their loved ones in the physical. I channel divine energy and spiritual guides who impart their predictions and guidance for people who may be struggling with life or confused by which path to take.

I have made a commitment to spirit and myself, to bring validation from the other world, proving that life beyond this realm exists.

What Client Say About Me

I have had two remarkable experiences with Kim! The first was when I had just left high school and like many 18 year olds, was floundering trying to understand the world and my place in it.

Kim's reading opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities and insights into myself, and set me on a track with clarity and confidence that may have otherwise taken me a number of years to eventually find.

And what an adventure it has been! Seven years on, I had another reading, to help me navigate the new terrain I have just entered. Again, she's given me a powerful tune in on the best way to go. Kim is not only gifted, she's a gift to others.

What she offers is truly profound. All of her insights are packaged up with practical tools on how to actually make it all happen or how to approach a situation. I highly recommend Kim for anyone looking for a deeper insight into themselves and how best to place themselves in the big web of life to lead a life of meaning and purpose.

Thank you once again for the reading. You are firmly on my referral list, as I do seem to attract people needing just a bit of help tuning into their path. As for me, I feel like a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders after our reading. Blessings to you, Clara.


Thank you for the reading, it was such an amazing experience! Within a minute of the reading I knew you were on to something – when you said my dad knew I was going on a trip with my family next year I knew you were the real deal. The truth is that my family is coming to visit me for the first time in over 20 years and my wife and I have arranged a surprise trip for them all.

We are travelling with the family to a very special place, none of the family members knows about this and when you said that my dad knew, it made it such a special validation. Also, the fact my dad came through and that you told me that he would be there, made it a very special reading.

I thought I let you know, I have had the pleasure having physic readings done before with names such as John Edward and Jade-Sky and I must admit I was very impressed with many of your messages, both the ones that related to my family and indeed the once relating to the challenges I currently face. In my mind, you are among the best in your field – a special soul with unique gift.

Again, thank you so much. Warmest Wishes, Henry.

Henry, NSW

Kim Platzer-Sowter

Clairvoyant & Intuition Coach

I am committed to connect spirit people to their loved ones in the physical, validating that life beyond this realm exists.

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