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What To Expect from Genuine Psychic or Clairvoyant

A wonderful comment I had from a client yesterday was “Wow, you are blowing my mind” I thought this was funny and asked her she meant by that. It turns out that I was reading for another person who has been to so many “psychics” that she was just used to explaining her issue before the psychic has even started the reading. Well, that is not a psychic reading.

The following is what to expect from a genuine psychic or clairvoyant:

1. A psychic should be able to tune into your energy straight away or make a connection. It is ok to begin with small talk as for one it is polite and it helps with the energy exchange.

2. Perhaps the psychic will ask if there is a life area that you would like to focus on i.e health, relationships etc but no details of the predicament are needed. I ask this particularly if its a half hour reading. So much information can come through in half an hour that to narrow it down helps the psychic to hone in on the area in need.

3. Yes, outcomes may change with a reading. This is why I developed Map of Life because there is always a choice and I like to look at both outcomes in order to help someone move through a hurdle.If that person is not sure how to shift their current obstacle then the beauty of moving through psychic ability to spirit connection comes in handy.

4. Are psychics able to tune into spirit? Not all, make sure you ask if the psychic is also a spirit medium. this means they have a connection to spiritual guides, people on the other side. If this is what you are after.

5. A true psychic will be able to read for you from any location and through any modality such as over the phone/internet or in person. Psychic ability has no limitations, it is an ability that transcends the physical limitations.

6. Is it okay for a psychic to use tarot cards, birth dates. This all depends on the type of reading you are after. Cards and other tools are only as good as the person using them. It does help a psychic to focus and may take away any nerves that either of you are feeling. I used to use cards just for this reason before I built my trust in myself.