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12 Week One-On-One Intuition Mentoring

Personal One on One Intuitive Mentoring…

So You Are Already Aware of Your Intuition and Ready to Remove the Limitations to Fully Embrace This into All Areas of Life.

Perhaps you’ve been aware of your intuition for a number of years but haven’t been able to access it at will. Our personalized one-on-one mentoring will hone that intuition to give you guidance in every moment of life.

Maybe you would like to embrace intuition with your current work practice. Many practitioners come to us wanting to know how to embrace their intuition into business so they can help their clientele.

Reach your clients issues faster by gaining a deeper understanding of their health or wellbeing problem.

Imagine having a personal mentor to
provide one on one intuitive training.

We specialize in seeing the barriers that are preventing your flow of intuition and assisting with the diminishing elimination of fears and self-doubt. Immediate results are experienced through increased energy levels, health issues and a sense of “waking up” to your soul purpose.

The next step is to really bring through the energy of intuition. This is experienced through your own personal unique sense which will be different for everyone. Understanding the difference between the distinct voices of reason, logic and intuition is a key aspect of developing intuition and is best mastered through mentoring. This is why we are the experts with connecting individuals to their intuition and bringing it in balance with logic and reason.

People experience such a personal life transformation when developing their intuition:

  • The conscious mind expands to see new ideas and opportunities
  • Career objectives are met with fresh eyes
  • You live life by a sense of “knowing the future” rather than guessing
  • The right people are drawn to you for positive relationships
  • Stress and Fatigue is diminished

We will tailor a 12-week intuitive development mentoring program that will shift the blocks of doubt and fear, heal the heart to abundance, increase the connection to your personal intuitive sense and be well on your way to creating a life and business that will see your soul purpose lived.

Included is a weekly one hour consultation for the first 8 weeks and then fortnightly consultations thereafter, that’s 12 x 60 minute consultations in total. In these phone or Skype calls, we will work with you to eliminate personal blocks and fears, provide proven, powerful tools and techniques to connect to your client on a deeper level, giving them value-added results way beyond what your competitors can offer.

If you experience one of more of the following issues, then our 12-week Intuitive Mentoring Package is for you.

  • Your business is suffering from lack of clients and you can’t understand why.
  • Would love to obtain results with clients a lot faster by tapping into the problem & solution.
  • Prefer to learn in a one-on-one environment over large classes where you become invisible.
  • Want to stand out from your competitors and charge more for your services.
  • Frustrated to refer a client to another practitioner when you just know you can help them but don’t quite know how to use your intuition and guidance to resolve it.
  • Receive intuitive insights about your clients but don’t know how to use it in your consultations.
  • Take on too much emotional and energetic pain from the client and get run down and ill (burnout).

We understand what you need and what you want. Working together, we can bring forward the answers, solutions and guidance to create a personal program for life and professional results.

Here’s the Amazing Features of This Personal Mentoring Package

The Initial Consultation – 1 x 60 minute phone or Skype call

We assess the areas we believe you need the most training and give you an action plan to tailor the mentoring package to suit your personal needs and expected outcomes.

Clearing the Blocks, Understanding and Experiencing – 7 x 60 minute phone or Skype calls

The building blocks of your development. Each week for the seven weeks, we guide you through your personalized intuition development action plan, exploring your intuitive abilities and imparting techniques to develop that ability. We also ensure you begin to integrate this growing intuitive ability in your everyday life, experiencing the confidence and insight into life that intuition brings. This includes weekly homework that we review and provide feedback on.

Advanced Intuition and Integration into Life – 4 x 60 minute phone or Skype calls

Depending on what you require, these 4 consultations could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We impart more detailed training techniques and tools. This includes homework that we review and provide feedback on, as well as ensuring you are successfully using the training in your daily practice and seeing results.


Receive MP3 exercises to increase the connection to your own voice of intuition.

A personal tracker to record the progress of your development.

Access to our private Facebook Training Group for additional interaction with us outside of the planned 12 x phone/skype calls as well as discussion with other like-minded people within the group.

Take The Next Step & Begin to
Enjoy the Immediate Benefits in
Your Business & Life

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