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Ben & Kim Sowter

12 Month Intuition Mentoring

Health Practitioner’s

Advanced Intuition Program

Tactile Therapists, Fitness Trainers,
Yoga Instructors

Counsellors, Life Coaches
& Psychotherapists

Energetic Healers

Have you ever wondered why your…

  • Feeling Physically or Emotionally Drained After Seeing Your Clients?
  • Receiving Unexplainable Thoughts, Aches or Emotions During Your Consultations?
  • Frustrated with you Current Working Modality?
  • Limited by Current Consultation Methods?

You Have the Desire to Be the Best Practitioner,
Get Results and Bring Through an Amazing Connection with Your Client.
There is Just One Thing That Is Holding You Back!

There are those in this world who will always feel different. They are the ones that give love in the face of
adversity. Open the mind to a world of possibilities even when the odds seem stacked against them.

Such individuals are born healers – the sensitive ones who offer compassion, understanding and deliverance of hope to many. They are the children who felt too much, perceived more than many adults and were taught to be more like everyone else.

Yet deep within is a calling, a calling to reconnect with that child like sensitivity, the perception that brought forward knowledge of life and answers that seemed far beyond your years – THIS IS INTUITION.

If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, you’re in the right place

  • Experience unexplainable thoughts, emotions and physical sensations when working with your clients but don’t know why.
  • Take on too much emotional and energetic pain from the client and get run down and ill (burnout)
  • Want to get to the heart of the client’s problem more quickly
  • Want to stand out from your competitors and charge more for your services
  • Have an inner desire to connect with the power of the intuitive voice and offer your clients more
  • Frustrated to refer a client to another practitioner when you just know you can help them but don’t quite know how to use your intuition and guidance to resolve it

Imagine How Your Business, Goals and Life Could Change Over 12 Months
with Your Own Intuitive Coach!!

The 3 Biggest Benefits
This Program Will Give You:

Unleash Your Power

Identify and act upon
opportunities that will lead
you to YOUR true purpose.

Blow Your Clients Away

Being able to understand
what your client needs,
BEFORE they arrive for the

Stand Out from the Crowd

How to deliver an
service to your clients – and
charge more for it.

You will have access to Kim and Ben, two intuitive experts who have dedicated years to research and development, resulting in the creation of powerful intuition-developing techniques that are proven to give quick results and are easy to use every day.

We know the blocks that are stopping you using your intuition and reconnect you to this innate ability, giving increased energy levels, flow of money, life purpose, opportunities and ANYTHING that is bringing you stagnation in your current life and business.

Work one on one to overcome the obstacles that limiting your ability to really help yourself and others.
Connect with your own unique intuitive ability and create a method that will enable a connection that is true and powerful.

No two individuals are the same. This is why we tailor a personal program to tap into your specific strengths, shed limitations and action goals, all whilst being part of a supportive community.

One-on-one training can be done anywhere in the world.

The image above shows Ben giving a one-on-one training session (via Skype) with one of Australia’s leading #1 online marketing specialists John Mu.

How Intuition Can Help Practitioners Working with
Various Types of Modalities

Counselling and Psychotherapy – Working with intuition gives the ability to look beyond the conscious mind to see the pathway of healing.

Intuition connects the individual to the truth. Imagine being able to work with a client that has a pattern of delusion. Connecting with your intuitive strength will confidently enable the truth to be shown straight away, allowing for a clearer approach to healing.

Learning about the energetic anatomy and how it relates to the physical body will enable the practitioner to see and connect with the blocks and patterns of the client. Developing techniques for clearing and empowering the session will enhance current treatment plans and the outcome of healing.

Life Coaches – Stand out from the sea of wellness coaches by fine tuning the intuitive voice. Create a business with confidence and open the door to opportunity.

Connecting with the intuitive voice and learning to differentiate from the voices of fear and reason will assist with all facets of life for yourself and your clients. Developing intuition will give a deeper understanding into the human mind, blocks and patterns that can prevent purpose of being and the intuitive energy that each of us emits and receives on a daily basis.

Personal Trainers – Stop losing unmotivated clients and give them an insight into the cause of their lack of motivation. Intuition will give you the tools to make a deep connection to your client’s real issue. When they lose motivation or just think they are not worth it, you be the one to be able to pin point the ongoing patterns that cause them to give up. You will be the one to help eliminate the emotional blocks to progress.

Add a new element to your business and learn to see beyond the physical. When clients are amazed by your accuracy and techniques for giving them back energy and confidence, the physical program will just be the icing on the cake.

Massage Therapists – Connecting to intuition will create amazing treatment plans for your clients. Imagine being able to provide a service where by you are able to really connect with the client on a deeper level. Tapping into their physical pain before you even have them on the table. Give them insight as to why they are experiencing the physical aches and pains they come to you to find relief from.

Understanding and connecting not only with the physical anatomy but the energetic anatomy will allow you to be a step ahead of the rest. Assisting clients to understand the connection with their body will see an amazing increase in healing and wellness.

Many Massage Therapists report feeling an intense healing energy flow through their own being, receiving information from a source beyond their own mind all leading to a desire to understand and develop their intuitive ability. Intuition will diversify, enhance and create a business that has clients beating down the door to make a booking.

Reiki Healers – Reiki energy surges through the body, increasing intuition but it does not provide the training to really understand the information received.

Practitioner’s often report feeling energy over their client’s body and being drawn to certain areas where the client has not verbally expressed a dysfunction. Imagine having a greater awareness of what is causing this issue, being able to look beyond the physical to provide deeper insight for your client.

Developing Reiki practice enables stronger energy to come through just as developing intuition allows for the greater insight into your client’s needs so they can really heal emotionally as well as physically.

Yoga Practitioners – We have assisted many Yoga enthusiasts to understand the changes occurring as they develop their practice. Many reporting an increase with visions or colour through meditation, inexplicable memories surfacing for no apparent reason or simple just needing to make a change with life. As a Yoga teacher why not add this element to your practice and create a service that will have people enthusiastically waiting to get into a class!

Don’t let your clients walk out the door wondering – what is happening to me? Give them the knowledge and understanding they are looking for.

Here’s the Amazing Features of This 12-Month Intuition Training Package

1. An initial Consultation – 60-minute phone or Skype call

where we assess the areas we believe you need the most assistance in developing your intuition and give you an Action Plan to Tailor the mentoring package to suit your personal needs and expected outcome.

2. Fortnightly online webinar-based training

Every fortnight over 4 x 10 week terms. Homework will be given at the end of each class to reinforce the learning and we will review the homework for discussion at the beginning of the next class to ensure you stay on track to master your intuitive ability.

3. 3 x 2-day live training events

Every 4 months we will have a 2-day training workshop in Melbourne where you will be able to practise what you have learned so far, share your case studies with others, more training content and Q & A.

4. Access to our private Facebook Training Group for additional interaction with us outside of the planned webinars and live events as well as discussion with other like-minded people within the group

5. Access to a members site

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