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Workshops, Courses
& Events

Interactive and dynamic workshops, courses, and events on the many aspects of our sensory being including Intuition, Sound Healing, Mediumship and Meditation.
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FREE Empath and Intuition Training

Are you an Empath or Intuitive?
Become a member to access FREE online training for empaths and intuitives. Be a part of ground-breaking research into the Human Higher Sensory System.

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Intuition Development

The #1 Guide to Developing Your Intuition, Giving You Power, Clarity and Confidence.
Understand the physical sensations of an intuitive and access answers that lie beyond the logical & rational mind.

Intuition for Business Growth and Success

Learn how the instinctual gut feeling can be developed into a heightened intuitive sense to boost staff, management and your business to new levels of growth and success. For entrepreneurs, businesses and corporations.
"Kim and Ben have weaved scientific facts with years of practical experience, working in the field of intuition for health, mindset, soul connection and spirituality"

Lawrence Ellyard

Founder & CEO of The International Institute for Complimentary Therapists

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How Our Intuition-Based Services Can Help You

Map of Life Reading

Map of Life Clarivoyant Reading

For immediate guidance and clarity about a current situation or unresolved aspect of your life

You want deep, profound insight into aspects of your life or a current situation. You're looking for the comfort of understanding the past or knowing your future potential.

Sound Healing

Sentient Energy Healing

For relief from the suffering of pain and discomfort of physical, emotional and spiritual dis-ease

A unique & powerful sound healing technique that works deep within you to connect to the essence of who you are, healing body, mind & soul by removing the energy imbalance creating the dis-ease. It's sole purpose is to heal your life and get back your happiness and quality of life - quickly!

Intuition Mentoring

Intuition mentoring

If you're a business owner and want to use your intuition to offer your clients more

You want to be able to offer your clients more solutions than your competitors and be able to make additional money from the value adding.

Don't Just take Our Word For It...

Listen to what our happy clients have to say

Client for 10 Years
Ranna Suhail
Fashion designer, owner of Glam Rock Dubai
Clinical and Spiritual Psychotherapist
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"Our lives and careers have been dedicated to the understanding of our energetic anatomy, and how we interact with the world of energy around us to create our experiences. We specialize in going beyond the everyday consciousness to find the source of intuitive guidance."
Ben & Kim Sowter

Ben & Kim Sowter

Founders of The College of Intuition