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Tired of Waiting For Change to Come to You?

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Smash Limiting Beliefs
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We Specialise in Creating Your Pathway to Authentic and Successful


Using Your Authentic Self

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I Need Help With...

My Personal Life

Resolving Immediate Life Concerns

A Map Of Life Consultation

Get the Answers & Clarity You Need

  • Get to the root of the issue straight away
  • Know how to achieve your desires & goals
  • Understand why things keekp happening
  • Connect to your intuition

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Restoring My Health

A Sentient Core Healing Consultation

Get Back Your Health - Quickly!

  • Find freedom from debilitating pain & symptoms
  • Enjoy a quick improvement in health level
  • Stop using band-aid type medication
  • Be empowered with techniques to maintain your own good health permanently
  • Get back to living life on your terms

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Thriving as an Empath

FREE Online Empath Training & Support

woman learning online

  • Manage your sensitivity to enable you to actively participate in life
  • Confidently interact with people anywhere
  • Access specific life guidance whenever you need it
  • Stop being drained by people and places
  • Be confident in public places and crowds

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Finding My Authentic Pathway

Map of LIfe - Pathway to Your Authentic Self Training

  • Understand the signs of your authentic self emerging
  • Connect with your authentic self to live your truth
  • Make sense of your life and understand your unique pathway
  • Access a new level of creativity by refining your intuitive ability
  • Create authentic connections with other like-minded people

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My Business

Creating a Successful Business

Certified Sentient Pathway Training System

For Consultants, Coaches, Health Practitioners & Business Owners

  • Activate your success blueprint - the secret to your permanent success
  • Boost your business potential by becoming a certified coach/consultant
  • Create more time & money, giving you freedom to live the life style you want
  • Become a leading in-demand coach in any industry
  • "Turn on the tap" to attract higher paying clients
  • Avoid costly mistakes by integrating intuition into your everyday decision-making process
  • Stop unconscious self-sabotage and perform at your peak money-making potential
  • Guarantee success by overcoming any self-doubt or fear
  • Say goodbye to competitiorsby creating a unique marketing niche


Overnight Business Growth

Tailored Intensive Coaching Program For Quick Results

For Consultants, Coaches and Business Owners


  • Enjoy the immediate business growth you need with intensive one-on-one coaching
  • Create long-term sustainable success with a tailored step-by-step success plan
  • Guarantee your profit growth by creating a balanced business & lifestyle
  • Become a leading in-demand coach in any industry
  • "Turn on the tap" for a flow of higher paying clients
  • Stop unconscious self-sabotage and perform at your peak money-making potential
  • Create more time & money, giving you freedom to life the lifestyle you want

"Kim and Ben have weaved scientific facts with years of practical experience, working in the field of intuition for health, mindset, soul connection and spirituality"

Lawrence Ellyard

Founder & CEO of The International Institute for Complimentary Therapists

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How Our Intuition-Based Services Can Help You

Map of Life Reading

Map of Life Clarivoyant Reading

For immediate guidance and clarity about a current situation or unresolved aspect of your life

You want deep, profound insight into aspects of your life or a current situation. You're looking for the comfort of understanding the past or knowing your future potential.

Healing Consultation

Sentient Energy Healing

For relief from the suffering of pain and discomfort of physical, emotional and spiritual dis-ease

A unique & powerful sentient core healing technique that works deep within you to connect to the essence of who you are, healing body, mind & soul by removing the energy imbalance creating the dis-ease. It's sole purpose is to heal your life and get back your happiness and quality of life - quickly!

Intuition Mentoring

Intuition mentoring

If you're a business owner and want to use your intuition to offer your clients more

You want to be able to offer your clients more solutions than your competitors and be able to make additional money from the value adding.

Don't Just take Our Word For It...

Listen to what our happy clients have to say

Client for 10 Years

Ranna Suhail
Fashion designer, owner of Glam Rock Dubai

Clinical and Spiritual Psychotherapist

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About Us

"Our lives and careers have been dedicated to the understanding of our energetic anatomy, and how we interact with the world of energy around us to create our experiences. We specialize in going beyond the everyday consciousness to find the source of intuitive guidance."

Ben & Kim Sowter

Ben & Kim Sowter

Founders of The College of Intuition