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Ben & Kim Sowter

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5-Week Introduction to
Intuition Course

You're new to intuition and want to learn how it works

One-on-One Intuition

You prefer the personal mentoring approach and want to get tailored tuition to suit your needs.

12 Month Intuition

You know you're intuitive and want to develop it into a powerful tool for daily guidance.

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About Us

"We have dedicated our lives and careers to both exploring personally and teaching others how to sense the world of energy around us that creates and supports the physical world. We specialize in going beyond the everyday consciousness to find the source of intuitive guidance."

Ben & Kim Sowter

Founders of The College of Intuition

Enjoy our Services

Map of Life Reading

For immediate guidance and clarity about a situation or aspect of your life.

You want insight into your life or an event. You want the comfort of knowing future possibilities or understanding the past.

Map of Life Healing

A Unique & Powerful Core Energy Healing Technique

A core healing process that works deep within you to connect to the essence of who you are, healing body, mind & soul. Its sole purpose is to change your life - quickly!

Intuition Mentoring

If you're a business owner and want to use your intuition to offer your clients more.

You want to be able to offer your clients more solutions than your competitors and be able to make additional money from the value adding.

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Client for 10 Years

Ranna Suhail
Fashion designer, owner of Glam Rock Dubai

Clinical and Spiritual Psychotherapist